Founder, Christina Grange, PhD

I became a psychologist to be a healing resource for individuals and my community. I believe that people have a remarkable ability to change their lives, especially in the face of adversity.  I also know that without proper support, it can be really difficult to achieve the amazing life we want for ourselves and our families.  Whether through therapy or community programs, I advocate for people to maximize resources that can help them truly achieve their purpose.  There are so many resources to help with this goal.  The Fern is one example of such a resource.  

I have a particular passion for working with youth (children and adolescents), parents working to support their children, and co-parents managing child-rearing across multiple households. 


My Background

My training as a community psychologist informs my work and vision for The Fern.  I obtained my bachelor’s degree at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU).  I continued my master’s degree training in community psychology at FAMU before pursuing my clinical psychology degree at Virginia Commonwealth University.  My pre-doctoral training at the University of Illinois-Chicago solidified my commitment to serving children and families through clinical service.  My post-doctoral training at the University of Georgia helped to shape my commitment to community-based research with African American families.  Throughout all of these experiences, I have developed specialized skill sets that facilitate my service to children, families, and community programs. I am fortunate to be able to support the development of the next generation of behavioral health providers through my work as an associate professor at Clayton State University.


Symbolism behind The Fern

The fern is a plant that symbolizes resilience.

Inspired by this symbolism, the work at The Fern Center for Life is done with an understanding that all people and communities will experience adversity, can respond to that adversity with power and strength, and can be better because of lessons learned along the way.  Our mission is to cultivate resilience, wellness, and productivity by providing quality health services to community members.