We all have the ability to learn from our past, build upon our strengths and achieve our goals.  As a result, the Fern Center for Life's mission is to cultivate resilience, wellness, and productivity by providing helping youth and families develop the skills they need to thrive.  We each have the power to create the things that we want to see in our selves, our families, and our communities. 


This mission of The Fern Center for Life is facilitated through the provision of:

  1. Therapeutic services to children, adolescents and adults. Most often, work with minors is done with particular attention to parental-child context and attachments.

  2. Therapeutic interventions that promote optimal communication, shared goals and a co-parenting approach that is child-centered and respects the autonomy of each parent. 


These services are offered with the understanding that there are endless opportunities to learn lessons (even the difficult ones) and use those lessons to create something better than originally imagined.


Please explore this website to learn more about The Fern and how available services can support your goals.