Therapeutic Services

Healing and empowerment is available for everyone. I am here to support that journey. In my clinical practice I support clients in stabilizing any current distress so that they can ultimately thrive in their professional, academic, family, peer and romantic relationships. We work together to clarify goals, understand and limit barriers to success, and ultimately create the life clients want and deserve. The work builds upon strengths, while empowering clients to recognize, understand, and manage life's challenges.  We all experience diverse life challenges … and we can all move beyond them.  We can shape our life's narrative.

Child development, adolescent adjustment, and family well-being are focal areas.  Related to this focus, I offer coparenting support to married and unmarried parents. I also support adult clients in the management of anxiety, depression and new life transitions. I use a cognitive-behavioral therapeutic approach that is solution-focused, and client centered.  My ultimate goal is to empower clients recognize that they have  more resources than they imagined – many of which are within themselves.


I am inspired by the following Nelson Mandela quote that reminds me to focus on the possibilities of life and the power we all have to make those possibilities our realities:  "May your choices reflect your hopes - not your fears."


Clinical services are facilitated through Pathways Unlimited, Inc., an indepedent psychological practice in the village of Stone Mountain. More information about clinical services and how to reach me is available below:

Program Evaluation Services

At the Fern, program evaluation is born out of a commitment to program development. There are MANY remarkably innovative programs available to serve communities.  We need to know if these programs are effective at whatever they are intended to do.  The Fern aims to help organizations who are implementing such programs:

  • Operationalize goals in a very specific and measurable way

  • Develop reasonably manageable systems for evaluating progress towards those goals

  • Summarizing related data (qualitative and quantitative)

  • Organize implications in a manner that is relevant to all invested stakeholders (e.g., participants, program implementers, funders etc.)


Every organization has different needs and resources.  The Fern’s program evaluation services are customized to support agencies where they are and help them determine how to best get to where they want to go. 

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Clinical Services:

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